Full lengths manuscripts are invited for 2021 ETI 4.0 from the below topics (but not limited to) and tracks

♦ Track 1: Electrical Engineering
Soft Computing Techniques in Power Systems
Feedback Control Systems
Power Electronics and Energy Efficient Drives
Renewable Power Conversion Technologies
Instrumentation and Control
Power Quality Improvement Techniques
Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

♦ Track 2: Computer and Communication Engineering
Geo-informative Systems
Grid Computing
Pervasive Computing
Digital Image and Video Processing
Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Data Mining and Cloud Computing
Broad Band Communication
Computer and Intelligent Communication
Mobile and Optical Communication
Wireless Communication
Mobile and Optical Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Network Security
Advanced VLSI Systems
Embedded Wireless Systems

♦ Track 3: Manufacturing and Production 4.0
Materials Science and Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Cloud Computing for Industry 4.0
Support System for Industry 4.0
Flexibility and Agility
3D Printing
Autonomous Robots

♦ Track 4: Technology 4.0
Predictive Analytics
Cyber-physical Systems
Robotic and Automation
Support System for Industry 4.0
Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing for Industry 4.0

♦ Track 5: Smart Environment 4.0
Ecosystem & Infrastructure
Industry 4.0 Factory
Industrial Big Data
Internet of Things (IoT)
Industrial Internet of Things
Internet of Services
Smart Manufacturing
Smart Devices and Products
Smart Logistics
Smart Cities

♦ Track 6: Business 4.0
Strategy and Operations
Export Competitiveness
Distributed manufacturing
Planning and scheduling in Industry 4.0
Performance Management in Industry 4.0
Logistics and SCM in Industry 4.0 and Ripple Effect
Block chain technology for Industry 4.0
Applications Healthcare, Education, Media, Retail and related Industries

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